Welcome to SUN MOON Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers of bulk drugs & intermediates.

We have been an association powered enterprise model that boosts its clients organization by supplying a wide range of incorporated pharmaceutical drug supply chain as well as architectural alternatives at affordable cost.


To continually surpass the objectives of our highly valued client with regard to top quality and services.
We are committed to help make continual enhancement and create excellence within Work productivity , basic safety, Atmosphere & Hygeine in most part of business operations and also to take our company one stage further along with regular profitable overall performance.


Within our search for to be a leading manufacturer within the pharmaceutical sector we certainly have created a state of the fine art facility. Each of our service consistently complies with and exceed our very own rigid quality self-assurance guidelines, administered by an Internal Quality Reassurance team reporting straight to the Managing Director along with individuals enforced by standard systems.